Happy Birthday to me! (new car)

Right at the end of July, I took a trip to Phoenix to attend a T-Jet training course. During my visit to Arizona, I stopped by the Puhala residence (I used to work for Michael). I had some serious house envy as I toured their huge Scottsdale residence. I realized after I left that I didn’t take enough pictures so I only have the one from atop the highpoint of their backyard.

Graham and Catherine came to visit at the beginning of August and we enjoyed some fine dining and fine wine in San Francisco at Farallon. They very kindly picked me up a couple of bottles of the Rafanelli Zinfandel that Graham and I like during their tour of the winery (a tour that is not so easy to get!).

In other news we got a new car! The old Jeep was finally started to give me more worries than usual. The last time I had it in at the shop the guys showed me metal filings in the transmission fluid. Tick-tock.

We bought a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica Signature Series Touring AWD in Sunset Bronze. Quite a nice machine with toys like navigation and rear seat DVD. The key was the third row and the amount of cargo space when you fold the seats down as we do need to carry boxes from time to time. Basically it is a vehicle that is enough of a mini-van to be a family vehicle but also has some manly styling in terms of stance, chrome, engine and handling.

Our dinosaur on black T

Ty at Willow Glen Library

Pacifica Exterior

Ty in the Pacifica

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