Four years ago and today

It was four years ago that we got an early morning phone call from Japan. Tomoko’s mother had seen the news and was calling us to see where we were. One of those days that leaves you stunned.

We had a video call yesterday and I watched Ty and Saki playing together. He really likes to grab the phone even if he doesn’t have much to say (for now!) We’ll be taking him to the Build-A-Bear workshop when he gets back to choose a teddy bear for him. Our tiny man is two years old! Check out the pics:



Willow Glen Street Festival Today!

Today is the Dancing on the Avenue Festival for Willow Glen. They close down Lincoln from Willow to Minnesota and there is a big street party with several bandstands, food vendors and other events. I’ve uploaded some recent pictures of Ty. Check out the necklace I had made for Tomoko for our 6th wedding anniversary. I picked up the opal in Kuranda during our Australia trip.