Tonka Rules

Tomoko suprised me with an incredible level of observation. In the pictures below notice the same Tonka truck located in the children’s play area in the Admiral’s club in LAX. Tomoko noticed that it was the same truck Ty played with 2 years earlier. Clearly in 2007 it was beat up quite a bit more than when we first saw it in 2005.

On our way to Australia 2005

On our way back from Europe 2007

Europe 2007 Trip

Just last week we returned from our European adventure. I’ve uploaded 102 pictures from throughout the trip. We are so crazy. Trish came from Toronto to escort Ty. They flew south to LA and then to London while Tomoko and I flew north to Vancouver to fly up front with British Airways. We met Tomoko’s mother at Heathrow as well. Luckily we all arrived in time to fly up to Edinburgh to hang out with Cath for a couple of days. Cathy hosted all of us for a great dinner at her place.
We flew to Rome, then trains to Florence and Venice and then we flew back to London where we stayed for a couple of nights before heading home via LA. Whew!

Group shot the morning we left

Hitting the Pub with Cath

Men wait (Vatican washrooms)


Ty’s first visit to Disneyland

We took a leisurely drive to Anaheim to visit Disneyland this past week. We first stopped by Katsuyo and Lee’s house and then hung out at Lowe’s Music. We enjoyed visiting Disneyland this past Saturday and stayed to watch the Fantasmic show. Ty got a little freaked out at the Minnie Mouse Character breakfast but it was fun for us to watch! Sunday and Monday were full of strolling around both Disneyland and California Adventure hitting all the attractions. We met up with Brian and Shinobu and Ishii-san then we stopped by Ann’s salon and had dinner with the Walkers. Lot’s of fun and laughs with Ty!

Giant Pumpkin in Town Square

Breakfast with Captain Hook

Aboard the Columbia

Meeting Mickey

Cabo San Lucas Vacation

Tomoko and I have just returned from President’s Club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We stayed at Casa Del Mar Resort (  which is about half way between the older style city of San Jose del Cabo and the more modernized (westernized) city of Cabo San Lucas. Thanks go to Trish for taking care of Ty. Trish had a couple of nice shots of Ty done while we were away.

Lovely resort!

El Archo from the boat cruise

Cruising couple

Beach party

Ty strikes a casual pose

He figured out the plane doesn’t fly