One year later…

A year ago I updated this blog with the tragic news about Naoko’s passing. A year has passed and Tomoko, Ty and I are so lucky that we can travel to Japan and were able to attend Naoko’s one year memorial with family and close friends. I don’t have any pictures of that event but I have to say that the formal nature of the memorial really helps with coping with the loss. Although people were dressed in the formal black funeral attire there people were able to focus on some happy and fond memories of Naoko at the luncheon after the ceremony. Emotions still overcome Naoko’s daughter Saki, from time to time, but it must be very hard for a two year old to comprehend let alone cope with what has happened. We have been fortunate to spend a lot of time with Saki this time and she really enjoys playing with Ty.

On that note take a look at some pictures we have taken over the past week or so. We took Tomoko’s mother and aunt to the Gyokusuikan Onsen that we had to cancel last year. Everyone really enjoyed the trip.

Ty posing as usual for the camera

Dinner laid out at the onsen

Banana Wani at Izu Atagawa

Ty & Saki on the train

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